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I am a Performance and Installation Artist, a Geographer and a Dancer.

I have just returned from walking 900 km of the Camino de Santiago as a moving studio practise. Currently I'm devising a process-based training technique for performance and I'm resident artist at Unit 10, Bristol. 

My mother took me to dance from the age of two years old and I have recently choreographed in Europe and China. I studied Social Geography and Fine Art, and use these frameworks to reconsider our performed identities.


My art work is inspired by our daily routines and basic tasks, such as walking and cleaning. I use these acts to remap place.


Through these actions I ask the following questions:

What is an Artist?

What is an Authentic Performance?


"the division you habitually maintain between art and life, between beautiful things and commonplace ones, is artificial, and that making it separates you off from life and deadens you to the magic around you" 

Kyle Gann on John Cage's 4'33"


Our daily behaviours punctuate, perferate and perpetuate our identity. I use repetition, endurance and meditation through movement and markmaking to reconsider this division.


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