Food, Friends, Language & Landscapes

When can we travel again?

Independent travellers and small groups, you will be the first!

I can make sure you are travel ready when the time comes. Together, we will put the trip of a lifetime together.

As a Rick Steves' guide and travel consultant, I can help you plan your next holiday! You tell me what you want, and I will plan it for you. 

Use my years of experience to prepare for your incredible journey!



Image by Nicholas Sampson


Bring more than travel pictures home

How do we carry the magic of our travel experiences back into your everyday? 

This is a unique form of remembering those moments with potent clarity.


Charlie will write a bespoke poem for you following a 60 minute one-on-one chat. You chose a life experience or journey you wish to immortalise, and in her choreographic language that captures physical sensations with the depth of place, she will craft a poem that you can treasure in your daily life.

A great gift to yourself or surprise for another; welcome home that joy of your travel adventures.



Image by Simon Migaj


See the world through a calm head & steady feet

We take the time to settle and find a moment of calm within the everyday noise.

From living in Asia and studying yoga, to walking with pilgrims and listening to the landscape; Charlie's journey has been one of gathering skills to connect. Here, she will share those tools with you.

Breathing, folding, yoga, drawing, walking and seated meditation. For home and away practise to enable focus, calm and a childlike openness to the unknown.



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