Charlie has been working in the travel and adventure tourism sector since 2013 and is a Tour Manager for Rick Steves' Europe. She is also the Marketing Editor and a founding member of the Guide Collective.

She has lived in the UK, Switzerland and China, and worked on tourism development in France, Myanmar, Turkey and the Seychelles. Charlie is currently based in Bristol, UK. 

An English native speaker,  Charlie speaks conversational French, Mandarin and German.

With 33 countries in her passport, Charlie has a wealth of travel knowledge to share with you, and loves nothing more than exploring the world through its' coastlines and mountains, coffee, music and creative cultures.

A double graduate, first of Geography and International Relations, followed by Fine Art; Charlie is driven by intrigue and gratitude, seeking a better understanding of the ways we represent ourselves through the myriad of Global cultures and histories. She believes we are caretakers, life long students and can nurture that child-like curiosity through travel.

A writer, yogini and pilgrim, Charlie is excited to unpack your travel dreams with you, and meet you there.

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